Read some of my client testimonials to learn more about how my coaching and consulting clients have benefited from our work together.


concise & efficient

Ashley owns the gift of comfortable conversation yet can be very concise and efficient. She is compassionate yet not afraid to bring up tough subjects, hold people accountable, and seek resolution.  Ashley is a visionary with the skills to follow through with a plan.  In the end, her work and vision provided us with concrete plans for the future, strengthening the financial foundation and putting together a solid maintenance plan that extends, proactively, many years into the future.

‐ Cara Langeland, Vice President, Community Association


I was almost ready to give-up on my business when I had an inspiring conversation with Ashley. After talking with her the first time, I came away with a new sense of hope and possibility. Our ongoing work together was very fruitful and from this supportive relationship I was able to gain more confidence in myself, grow my business and make enormous changes in both my personal and professional life. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Ashley as a coach. She is non-judgmental, holds a calm equanimity around the joys and challenges of making change, and is very perceptive. She helped me identify and clarify what I wanted and together we came up with a concrete path to get there. Working with Ashley was one of the most empowering things I did for my life this year.

‐ Teresa Williams, Psychotherapist & Poet

define, focus & clarify

Ashley helped me to define, focus, and clarify my art business. Starting from the beginning, she helped me identify my values and the way I want to interact with my work and personal life. With Ashley’s coaching, I was able to create goals that were in line with both who I am and what I want my business to become. This solid foundation continues to help me stay on track and not waste time with unnecessary tangents that would normally distract me. Ashley is a kind but firm guide, and exactly what I needed!

‐ Jen Mills, Artist

razor-sharp business mind

Ashley has the uncanny ability to help me bring focus and direction in the face of my swirling, sometimes chaotically energetic life. Each time I work with her and heed her counsel, I feel as though I have a serious leg-up on my yogic path. She is funny, smart, compassionate and kind, with a razor-sharp business mind. Her intimate knowledge of yoga teachers’ challenges and strengths brings clarity and confidence to those of us to whom this path has been offered. Seize the opportunity to work with her!

‐ Sally Carley, Yoga Therapist & Instructor


When we first started meeting I had only a vague notion that I wanted to someday sell my business and no idea how to proceed. Within a short time, I had sold my business and bought myself time to spend with my daughter and creating my next career. Ashley helped me take a seemingly overwhelming task and break it into doable steps. I would often have no idea what I needed to be doing and then she would ask me challenging questions that allowed me to come up with my own answers. As an entrepreneur who worked alone, it was incredibly comforting to have Ashley on my side – to hold me accountable and be a sounding board, to provide guidance and help me stay focused. I didn’t feel alone as I navigated tricky territory, practically or emotionally. It was clear our work together was impacting all parts of my life. Ashley encouraged me to think broadly about work/life balance and take steps to create “a life you’re in love with.” I am so grateful to have had her in my corner with abundant support, practical know how and kindness.

‐ Sarah Isakson, Writer (former Owner of Sugarlump)

uncanny ability

Ashley has an uncanny ability to not only understand an organization’s mission and identity, but to glean even its more subtle, unspoken sensibilities. In her work with Northwest Film Forum, she was instrumental in creating public experiences that truly exemplify its spirit. I’ve never worked with anyone who made the process and end result so natural and effortless.

‐ Peter Lucas, Independent Curator & Artist

personal connection

Ashley has a lot of knowledge and a unique ability to help people make a personal connection to what she’s teaching.  I’ve learned a lot from her both as a student and as a co-presenter. I need only look around my workplace, which she helped our staff of 12 design, to be reminded of her skills.

‐ Glen W. Osborn, Training Director for Schools Out Washington

in-depth knowledge

Ashley is an extremely good listener with in-depth knowledge of our specific needs. Her questions and reflections helped us find the clarity we needed to start taking steps and creating goals. We have been so pleased with Ashley’s approach that we are working with her on a regular basis to keep us on track. She is a gift to our business and we are grateful to be working together.

‐ Erin Joosse, Director of Source Yoga

tremendous asset

Ashley Dahl is a tremendous asset in Seattle’s cultural community. Her work with Northwest Film Forum demonstrates a decade-long commitment to excellence. As her colleague on the Board, I often marveled at Ashley’s ability to balance the rigors of institutional management and leadership with an unusually strong empathy for all of the personalities and skill sets of her collaborators. Plus she’s a hoot and a holler!

‐ Dave Rosencrans, COO for Creature

great listener

Ashley has a real talent for creating order and peace wherever it’s absent. She is a great listener, creative, and presenter, all of which make her a valuable asset to any business, curriculum, or team. I can highly recommend Ashley’s offerings to anyone who wants to see their business thrive!

‐ Melina Meza, Ayurvedic Health Educator & Author