Mindfulness-based life coaching is a dynamic partnership all about helping people reach their full creative potential.

As a client you set the agenda, determining where you want to go. Reflecting upon your deepest aspirations and calling on your unique capacities, you’ll take directed action to reach your goals.

My job is to help you get to where you want to go with inspiration, grace and ease. How? I cultivate a mindfulness-based process that is compassionate, thought-provoking and creative. I hold a supportive space for you to discover your own answers.

is coaching for you?

Mindfulness-based life coaching can be a great resource if you’re looking to:

  • Gain clarity about the mark you’d like to make in this world
  • Get unstuck
  • Foster opportunities that reflect your deepest intentions
  • Be more accountable
  • Navigate change and obstacles with greater compassion and ease
  • Attract and nurture healthy relationships
  • Make a move or other significant transition
  • Uncover more joy in daily life
  • Change jobs or careers

what are the benefits of mindfulness-based life coaching?

Clients are often struck by how life coaching in one area of focus positively impacts so many other areas of their lives. They talk about things like:

  • Greater happiness & life satisfaction
  • Deeper feeling of purpose & value
  • Increased skillfulness in both achieving goals & addressing limiting behaviors
  • Heightened sense of gratitude, compassion & connection to others
  • More insight about what really matters

Click here for more of what clients have to say.

how does it work?

New clients choose an introductory package: the Intensive (5 sessions within 6 weeks) or the Foundation (10 sessions within 6 months – the most popular option.) Additional packages are also available for continuing clients. Typically coaching sessions are 60 minutes and held by phone or Skype. In-person sessions may be possible in Portland and Seattle.

Within all coaching agreements I ask clients to take reflective and directed action between meetings. In turn, clients can expect to be:

  • Held accountable with compassion, a healthy dose of humor, and an eye to your life intentions
  • Supported in gracefully navigating the joys, obstacles and potential distractions that inevitably arise when doing deep work
  • Respected as your personal blend of tenacity and commitment are strengthened
  • Championed as you cultivate effective habits (that you actually enjoy!) for reaching your goals

The first step is always a complimentary 30-minute conversation. During this conversation we’ll talk about what you’re looking for and your goals. I’ll tell you more about how I work. And together we’ll figure out whether there’s a good fit in there. Click here to schedule a complimentary conversation.