about my mission

My mission is to help aspiring people and organizations realize their full creative potential.

about me

With 20+ years of interdisciplinary leadership experience in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy working with individuals, artists, entrepreneurs and independent businesses.  In addition to coach-consulting, I serve as Executive Director for nationally recognized and award winning 8 Limbs Yoga Centers and am a founding member of Capitol Hill Entrepreneurial Women. Previously, I served on the Board of Directors for Shunpike and  Northwest Film Forum. Both former WA state Governor Gary Locke and the City of Seattle have recognized me for my “outstanding contributions” to regional and local communities.

The heart of my practice comes from being a practitioner of mindfulness for the past 10+ years. In addition, I earned my MSW, with a concentration in developmental psychology & interpersonal practice, from the University of Washington. While at UW I also earned a Graduate Certificate in Management. My undergraduate degree is in applied philosophy from Boston University.

My morning meditation practice helps keep me grounded day-to-day. Getting out in nature year-round keeps me feeling whole. Traveling, art, bicycling, good food and a lil’ bit of sass are just some of my favorite ways to connect with others.

about my inspiration

My practice is inspired by the sensibilities of my grandfather, craftsman Peder (Malmedal*) Dahl, and the natural beauty of the Malmedal farmstead in Norway. Throughout my life, they’ve inspired me to live life with heart and purpose, to appreciate the world around me and to never underestimate the value of mischief. It is in this spirit that I work with others.

* Pronounced malm•ah•dahl